Adrienne & Corinne
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Loving couple in Nassau County, NY
looking to adopt a baby
from anywhere in the United States.

We are a same-sex couple from New York State, hoping to build our family through adoption!

Greetings from New York State!

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping on our adoption profile. We are Corinne and Adrienne from Long Island, NY. As you consider making an adoption plan as an option for you and for your child, we know you have a lot of things to think about and everything may feel overwhelming right now. We are great listeners and would love to offer you an open ear without pressure or expectations.

Through the years, as we learned more and more about how the adoption process works, we have realized how important an open adoption is. Open adoption involves an ongoing, direct relationship between the adoptive family and the birth family. We would love to have an open adoption and bring not only a child into our family but also the child’s first mother, and if possible the child’s birth father. We also understand that, due to particular circumstances, every adoption process is different and unique to those involved, so please know we will work with you at your comfort level in order to honor the level of openness that feels right for you and your needs.

We know that whichever decision you make, it will be the right one for you and your baby. If the decision you do make is adoption and we are chosen by you, we would support and respect you and provide a love filled home for your child.

Adrienne and Corinne

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Get to Know Us

We met over twenty years ago through a mutual friend. We were part of a big group of friends but many of us lost track due to college and work. About three years later, we ran into each other at a soccer game we both were playing in. We started doing things as friends (including going to college basketball games and the beach) for about a year before we started dating. We were married in 2012 — seven years after that — on the beach, of course! Funny story about our engagement; Corinne proposed to Adrienne with one ring. Adrienne replied with “hold that thought” and went to get her own ring to propose to Corinne. This all happened the night before we left for Disney World together.

We are known to our family and friends as the “Disney Nerds”. Our favorite thing to do together is anything Disney. However, we also love traveling. One of the first vacations we took together was when we rented a Mustang convertible and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway. We both learned so much about one another and knew that we would be together forever. Our favorite and most exciting vacation/trip we took together was when we went to Cuba on a medical exchange.

We have 2 cats (Hamstring and Calf) and a dog (Bella) who have been around children for the last fourteen years. Our friends’ children often ask if they can come over just to hang out with our fur babies.

We have played sports growing up and now have become great spectators. Our parents used to watch all our games, even when we played sports as adults. We now watch our nieces, nephews, cousins, and Adrienne’s school teams as well as our friends’ children compete. We can be found at any level from toddler games all the way up to the professional level, cheering them on from the sideline.

We love children and never say no when our “little friends” ask us to go somewhere or do something with them. Whether it is taking them to Disney for the first time or playing catch or soccer with them at the park. We enjoy taking them to the beach, the Bronx Zoo, or just hanging out with them in a parking lot for a bagel breakfast to exchange Christmas presents during the pandemic.

We have always wanted to be mothers and can’t wait to parent a child through adoption.

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About This Video

In this video, Adrienne introduces the the two of us as a couple who are Disney fans and can’t wait to share in the fun with the child we adopt.

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We are potential adoptive parents Adrienne and Corinne from South Shore, Nassau County, NY.  We are currently looking to adopt a child. We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us. We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! 🙂
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You may call 1-800-982-3678 any day & time of the year. Toll Free, 24/7, 365 days/year

Drop us a note via email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

More About Us:

Get to Know Corinne

—as written by Adrienne

“Corinne is my best friend. We have such a good time together, whether it is hanging out at home doing a puzzle, going to the beach, reading a good book in a comfy chair, playing with our family and friends’ children, or going to the most magical place on earth, Disney World.

Corinne was born in a New York suburb on Long Island, to a working father and a stay-at-home mother. She has a younger sister who is married. Throughout her childhood, she played soccer, field hockey, danced, and was a girl scout. Her parents were the soccer coaches of both her and her sister’s teams while they were growing up. Their family vacations included going to an area where there was a historical place to visit, an amusement or water park, and other museums. They were fun and educational.

She played field hockey in college, which was located about thirty minutes from her house. She lived on campus and her parents went to many of her games. Corinne realized right after college that accounting was not the right career and went back to school to become a physical therapist. She is now Director of Physical Therapy in a safety net hospital in New York City, working with underserved populations, where she feels she can make the most difference.

At work, Corinne helps to improve the function of both adults and children who have had accidents, burns, or medical issues that caused them to be unable to move around by themselves. Corinne’s number one priority is to get her patients to go home from the hospital and back to their families. Her favorite part of her job is when patients come back to the hospital to show her how much they have improved and how their life has changed.

Corinne will bend over backwards not only for her patients, but also for her friends and family. She loves being an aunt to her five nieces and four nephews — she would stop whatever she is doing to take care of them. She enjoys watching them succeed in their many different activities.

Our friends call Corinne the “baby whisperer” because she can soothe any crying child to relax or go to sleep. I call her “useless information” because she has so much information in her head!! All kidding aside, she is one of the smartest people I have EVER met and I know she looks forward to sharing all the information she has with the child we adopt. She will encourage them to push themselves to do better and to constantly learn new things.

Corinne is very excited to be a mother and I know she is going to be the best mother a child could have.”

Corinne will bend over backwards not only for her patients but for her family and friends.”

Get to Know Adrienne

—as written by Corinne

“Adrienne has made me a better person. As cheesy as it sounds … she completes me! Adrienne is my biggest supporter. She even signed up with my soccer team because she knew we wouldn’t have enough players to play if she didn’t.

Adrienne was born in a New York suburb on Long Island, to a working father and a stay-at-home mother and has an older brother who is married with one child. As a child, she was involved in a lot of activities including soccer, fishing, and Irish dancing. Her family would often drive down to the beach to have dinner that her mom packed up before leaving. This most likely helped to lead her to a love of the beach. Her father traveled for business, so she was lucky to be able to tag along during her breaks from school. When she talks about these trips, she talks more about the time she spent with her dad helping him set up for his trade shows than about what state they were in or what they were doing. She went away for college and was on the soccer team. She enjoyed being away to become more independent, but she loved when her dad would arrange his business trips around her soccer games — and he would bring her mom to visit, too.

Adrienne went to college and became an Athletic Trainer and worked at a middle school/high school. She was great at her job because of her love of sports and helping kids be active and stay healthy. She knew when all the kids had games and when they would come back, she would high five them for a big win or a pat on the back with an encouraging word when they lost. Adrienne made a big decision about going back to school to become a teacher and help to make a difference in even more children’s lives. She luckily got a teaching job in the same school she was already working at and now she teaches, coaches, and fills in as an athletic trainer when needed. She goes to work every day with a smile on her face knowing she is going to see her students. At night, she is finding new activities/games she can play with them during school days. She will set up field trips, help with fundraisers, and just have competitions so the kids can have fun and be active.

Adrienne is one of the most dependable people I know. She is amazing when she is packing to travel anywhere we are going. She has everything one could possibly want or need in her bag. When we go out with our friends and they had forgotten something the kids wanted, Adrienne will have it in her bag.

Friends may text to ask us to take one of their children to an activity and she will always be the first to respond “where and when”? It is not just because she is helpful but because she truly enjoys spending time with them and watching them grow. Everyone who knows Adrienne speaks highly of her and most of the time it is about how she is with children.

She is a kid magnet. Adrienne always remembers things that the children did or like and makes them feel special by mentioning it when they are together. She is a silly playmate to many children and will be the first one to throw a sweatshirt on to go outside and play football in the snow with one of our friends’ kids when they ask her to. Whenever we go anywhere where children are present, that is where one will find Adrienne — with them! It could be at a party, out to dinner with friends, or stopping by someone’s house to drop something off, I would turn around and realize Adrienne had left to play with the kids. When I go alone to meet friends and their kids, I would get a quick hug and then be asked ‘where is Adrienne?’ (I was hurt until I found out that these kids do the same to her. LOL!)

I can’t wait to see Adrienne in action when she gets to become a mom.”

Everyone who knows Adrienne speaks highly of her and most of the time it is about how she is with children.”

Our Family

We have family all over the country.

Adrienne’s parents, Pat and Virginia, live in North Carolina on a golf course with lots of little freshwater fishing holes, which is also close to the beach. Her father can’t wait to get another little one on the golf course and teach them how to fish. He started teaching Adrienne’s nephew when he was three. Her mom always finds a new hidden gem to see whenever we visit. She also loves the beach and would love to show a new grandchild how to make a drip castle. Adrienne’s brother Mark is married to Cecilia. They have one child, Jason, who will be going to college soon and hopes to play soccer. He can’t wait to play soccer and basketball with a new cousin. They live in Atlanta Georgia, but often travel for business about an hour from us.

Corinne’s sister Linda is married to Tom, and they have 3 daughters — Cassie, Chloe, and Katie — and one son, Tommy. Cassie plays polo, Chloe rides horses, Katie plays volleyball, and Tommy is the techie one. They live in Indiana and Corinne talks to them almost every day. Corinne’s Aunt Sue, Uncle Rich, and cousins (Dawn, Ronnie, Nick) live on Long Island as well. Her cousins Eileen and Dave live about 5 minutes away from us — they have a 3-year-old son, Matthew. They are the first ones to arrive at our Oktoberfests to celebrate their German heritage with Corinne.

Adrienne has a bunch of cousins (Danielle, Karey Anne, Arlette, and Damien) in New Jersey who all have children of their own. When we get together for holidays and family functions, it is a lot of Italian people all in one place together. Adrienne also has even more cousins (Diane, Jimmy, Suzy, and Ricky) in Cleveland, Ohio and Massachusetts. With all these cousins comes lots of second and even third cousins. This is the Irish side of the family and when they get together, they know how to have a good time dancing at the local Irish Festival.

Everyone is very supportive of our plan to adopt a child. Corinne’s youngest niece Katie is the most excited because she wants a new cousin (and doesn’t want to be the youngest of the cousins anymore).

Corinne's Family

Adrienne's Family

Our Friends

We are lucky enough to have a few of our friends being so close that they feel more like family than friends. We call them our “framily.”

Erica is one of Adrienne’s best friends from high school. We love when we visit and her two children, Emma and Colin, run out and give us huge hugs.

Eric and Cheryl, our other framily, used to live upstairs from us. We spent a lot of time with their children, Ellie and Ben, from the time they were born. When they were big enough, they would walk down the stairs and bang on our door so they could hang out with us. Most times we were watching the Disney channel, which they love. They have since moved to CT, but we continue to see each other often and when we do get together, that time is spent playing soccer with Ellie and baseball or football with Ben. When they come down to Long Island, we usually end up at the beach, where we can be found playing in the sand or riding the waves boogie boarding.

We also have friends from our sports teams and work.

Corinne’s good friends are Kevin and Marilyn. Corinne and Marilyn met at a summer job and have been friends ever since. They are always up for a last-minute visit or dinner.

Adrienne spends some of her school breaks with Melissa, her friend from school, and her two children, Jaxon and Kaya. They usually end up at the park on the playground or at White Post Farms feeding the animals.

We have also developed some very close friends from the adoption support groups that we belong to. Some of these friends have recently adopted and some are still hopefuls. We have heard their stories and have realized how important an open adoption is. We have one friend who goes on trips with her son’s birth mother and her family. Both families have become one family, including the grandparents of both the adoptive and birth families. It is amazing to see and we would love to have a similar situation with you if that is what you envision as part of your adoption plans.


What our friends have to say about us:

Cheryl, Eric, and Family

The love and care that Corinne and Adrienne have shown our children is beyond anything a parent could hope for.”

-Cheryl + Eric

Longtime close friends


Adrienne is a fine role model. A child could learn a great deal from her about becoming a loving, caring, and responsible person.”


Friend and coworker

Suji, Joe, and Family

Corinne is not a parent yet, but I can tell that she will be an amazing one. I trust her with my daughter completely and know she will do everything to keep her safe, health, and happy.”

-Suji + Joe

Friends from adoption support group

Our Fur Babies

A message from Hamstring, Calf, and Bella:

Hi! We are Hamstring and Calf. We were adopted from a local animal shelter when we were just six weeks old. Our Grandmother bottle fed us until we were ready to move into our forever home with our mommies. We enjoy running around the house, playing with each other, and chasing toy mice. Our favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch with our mommies! We rub up against anyone that comes into the house to get lovins. We can’t wait to meet our new little sibling.

Hi, I’m Bella! When my mom passed away, Corinne and Adrienne took me in as one of their own fur children. They take very good care of me and love me so much! Adrienne takes me for a walk two times a day. Corinne loves to cuddle and pet me when I sit with her in our cozy family room. I love meeting new people — especially kids! And I love giving kisses! I can’t wait to meet my new little brother or sister.

Our Home and Things to Do

We go all out at Halloween time, but it is not too scary for the kids.

We live on a quiet street on Long Island, NY. We own a 4-bedroom, 2-bath house, which has an enclosed back yard ready to play in. Our family and friends love spending time in our backyard and cozy family room. The edges of our yard are filled with flowers and roses. Adrienne’s parents taught her about gardening growing up and she is following in their footsteps with creating a beautiful yard.

We also have a Disney Room which is right next door to our bedroom — we think it will make the perfect place for a nursery after the baby arrives.

There’s a canal nearby where we can walk to feed the ducks when they don’t come to our house. We are also within walking distance to the great park, where we can play on the playgrounds, roller skate, play soccer, or go sleigh riding on the large hills in the wintertime.

We enjoy decorating our home for the holidays. Our home is where we have our annual Oktoberfest and block parties. We go all out at Halloween time, but we make sure it’s not too scary for the kids. At Christmastime, our town has a boat parade where they put lights and play music while going up and down the canals. They also write up a list of the best decorated houses so that we can drive to see them. So much fun!

We live in a safe neighborhood with a school district that is known for its academics, sports, and music — which provide a well-rounded education. We have very friendly neighbors with young children and they are very supportive of welcoming the child we adopt into the neighborhood.

Our home is located about forty miles from New York City and fifteen minutes from Jones Beach. We are close enough to take the train to New York City where we can see shows, museums, or a short car ride to the Bronx Zoo.

We have lived in our house for fifteen years and have created so many memories; we can’t wait to create new memories and fill our house with more love and happiness.

Our Area (South Shore, Nassau County, NY):

Our Fun Facts

Adrienne's Fun Facts

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Adrienne's Fun Facts

Occupation: Physical Education and Health Teacher
Hobbies: Puzzles, Watching Sports, Geocaching
Places: The Beach, Disney World
Foods: Pasta
Music: Pop, Disney

Corinne's Fun Facts

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Corinne's Fun Facts

Occupation: Director of Physical Therapy
Hobbies: Reading, Geocaching, Jigsaw Puzzles
Places: Disney World, The Beach
Foods: Mexican, Italian
Music: All Types of Music. Will Listen to Different Types Depending on the Day

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adrienne corinne note

Thank You

Thank you for taking time on our adoption profile as you consider adoption as one of your options. We hope you learned a bit about us and what we can offer a child. We would love to get to know you and be available to answer any questions you may have. We respect any decision you make and truly wish nothing but the best for you and your baby. We are excited with the idea of adopting a child and we hope to hear from you!

Corinne and Adrienne

Information About the Adoption Process:

We are potential adoptive parents Adrienne and Corinne from Nassau County, NY. We are eager to grow our family as we hope to adopt a baby and share our love with a child. We have been legally qualified to be adoptive parents and will provide additional details about ourselves upon request. We are home-study approved! We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! We are very excited by the prospect of building our family through adoption! Please feel free to pass along our information by sharing our adoption profile on your social media pages, or email your friends. ~ Thank you!

We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption for your unborn baby (or if you are considering placing an already born child), please know that Friends in Adoption (FIA), is kind, caring, friendly, understanding, and ethical. They are a nonprofit organization offering free adoption information for pregnant women considering adoption, without ever putting any pressure on you to make a decision.

Should you decide on adoption, FIA will provide you with the choices you have in creating an adoption plan that fits YOU and your needs. FIA will offer you great resources such as free counseling and free legal assistance. They will also support you with medical and living expenses, as the law allows.

All inquiries are confidential.

Corinne & Adrienne

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