We are Tammy, Alison, and Theo from Rochester, NY

We’re Looking to Adopt a Child!

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A fun snow day in Big Bear, California

Hello. Greetings from Rochester, New York! We are Alison, Tammy, and Theo. Thank you for viewing our adoption profile. We admire your strength and resilience in considering adoption and want to support you during this time.

Our story as a family began 18 years ago when we met in graduate school in New York City. As our relationship deepened built on love and respect, we knew we wanted to share our love and to grow our family. We are so grateful that our son Theo entered our lives and our time together has been filled with fun, excitement, laughter, and warmth. For several years now, we have been planning to grow our love and joy even more and have now begun our journey to adoption. We would love to welcome another child into our home. We are grateful for this opportunity to share who we are with you and the love we cherish and hope to share. Thank you.

— Tammy, Alison, and Theo

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Spending time in our backyard in Rochester, New York

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