We met on the internet and fell in love with each others’ online profiles, and then again soon after meeting in person seven years ago. It was clear we share the same values and vision for our futures and the same taste in glasses. We quickly bonded over our mutual love of art, music, New York City, and traveling.

Ever since, our relationship has been built on a great love and our shared values—compassion and empathy for others, a curiosity about everything around and beyond us, trust, having fun, and experiencing new things about ourselves, each other, and the world. We love to discover new things together and to dream and make plans for our future. As a team, we support and push each other to reach our goals and dreams and we celebrate spending our lives together every day. We try to live creatively and find meaning and beauty in all we do.

We are deeply committed to each other, to our families, and to doing meaningful work. Aliza (pronounced “Aleeza”) is an artist and is the Director of Education for a non-profit; Brandi is a writer and works at a world-famous music hall in NYC. Art and music are really important to both of us, and we work hard so everyone (especially children) can have this in their lives.

We have so many hopes and dreams for our future family. Creating a safe, encouraging, respectful, fun, loving environment in which a child can grow to be his/her best self is very important to us both. More than anything, we want to help this child discover and follow what they love most in life. We look forward to learning and growing together as a family.

Together, we have built a trusting, loving, and honest relationship—one we know will help us learn to be the best parents we can be. We also feel surrounded by a network of supportive family and friends, who encourage and embrace us and will do the same for any child who becomes part of our family.

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