Our families have a huge presence in our lives, even though they live in Texas and Arizona.

We visit Aliza’s family in Arizona often. Aliza’s sister Rachel and her husband Doug live right down the street from Aliza’s parents and have two boys. We love to hang out with our nephews, Ethan (9 yrs) and Jonah (3 yrs). When “AhahBandi” are in town, we watch new (and old) Star Wars movies together, go to pizza festivals, play PlayStation, draw and make things, and play with trains for hours. Aliza has been painting and doing art projects with both boys since they could hold a paintbrush. Both love sports (especially baseball), so we play lots and lots of ball. Next time they come to NYC, we have a date to go see the mummies and suits of armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Aliza’s parents love to visit New York and we plan great things to do together—like going to museums, new restaurants, concerts, etc. They are very involved in our lives, very supportive, kind, funny, and the best grandparents to our nephews. Aliza’s mom is an avid knitter and loves to make sweaters and keep us warm with her scarves and hats in the winter. She can’t wait to knit for a new baby. Aliza’s dad always played guitar for Aliza and her sister growing up, and for sing-alongs at many family occasions. It’s a special tradition that continues with his grandchildren. We take family trips with them, mostly in the warmer months of summer and fall, usually to Vermont or upstate New York. Because Aliza never had the chance to know her grandparents—they passed away before she was born—it’s very important to her that we spend as much time with her and Brandi’s parents and grandparents as we can.

Brandi grew up in a small town in Texas and her whole family lives there. She is especially close to her grandmother. Brandi’s mom comes to visit us in NYC and loves walking in our neighborhood. She can’t wait to have a grandchild to love and another excuse to visit us often!  We go to West Texas for holidays (which always include BBQ and Tex Mex) at Brandi’s grandparents’ house with her whole family—lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends who have known Brandi’s family for generations. Brandi’s grandmother loves horses and at 84 still rides every once in awhile!

Cousins are very important to both of us. Brandi grew up down the street from her two cousins and they are like sisters to her. Misty and Charla live in San Antonio and Austin with their families, and we visit them and talk often. Brandi’s brother passed away about 15 years ago, and she misses him every day. Brandi and her cousins laugh and tell childhood stories for hours. We are honorary aunts to their kids—Klara is sixteen and Oliver just turned two. Klara recently came to visit us in New York City and we had a great time taking her to museums and eating lots of NYC pizza. Charla texts us pictures of Ollie almost every day and we FaceTime at bath time. Aliza also has many cousins and great memories of growing up with them.

We will make sure the family traditions continue with our future child and his or her cousins!

Aliza’s Family

Brandi’s Family

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