April & Andy
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Loving couple in Brooklyn, NY
looking to adopt a baby
from anywhere in the United States.

We are a fun couple from New York State, hoping to build our family through adoption!

Hello from Park Slope, Brooklyn!

We are April and Andy, and we’re so grateful you’re here. We know that we cannot possibly understand what you might be going through right now, but we applaud your decision to research the possibility of adoption. And whatever you ultimately decide, we wish you nothing but the absolute best.

We recognize that we do not know who you are, or the path that has led you to consider adoption, so we cannot truly understand what you are going through. We can only imagine that you may be facing some very difficult decisions, and that you want the best possible life for your child. If our profile speaks to you in some way, we warmly welcome you to reach out to us with any questions you might have … or just to talk. We’d love to connect with you.

Regardless of the path you choose to follow, we wish you strength and peace in finding your way to a decision that feels right for you and your child.

April & Andy

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Our Story

Andy had lived in New York City for 10 years, and April in Brooklyn for 5, when we met for the first time through friends in 2009. April’s roommates threw her a birthday party in their back yard in Brooklyn, and her roommate Colleen asked her boyfriend Marc to invite his friend, Andy. Andy was in love at first sight. April … well, April thought he was cute and funny 🙂. Andy made homemade burgers (who knew that would be the way to her heart!) and asked her out to see his friend’s Frank Zappa tribute band later that night. April politely declined, but a few months later when we saw each other again at a bowling alley in Brooklyn, where Andy was wearing an 80’s style Bon Jovi wig (or Tina Turner, both are accurate), Andy asked April out again, this time to get FOOD.

We spent the entire night of our first date talking about our families, our dreams, and our mutual love of food and cooking. It was clear by the end of the night that we had fallen in love. We’ve been inseparable ever since, traveling the world together, eating and laughing the whole time! And those friends that introduced us later officiated our wedding! We also live right downstairs from them and their beautiful family. Our dogs are best friends too!

Today, April is an operations manager and event planner for a luxury goods company that manufactures watches and jewelry. Andy is a calculus and geometry teacher at a high school in New York City. We love spending time together cooking, traveling, camping, and hanging out with friends and family. We also volunteer in our free time. Andy has traveled to Russia many times to teach clowning to orphans and visit sick children in hospitals. It was during Andy’s first trip there in 2001 that he decided he would adopt a child one day; April has always dreamed of doing the same, and we are very excited that day is near!

When we’re not working or volunteering, April loves to bake, go see live music, and take dance classes. Andy is a big fan of hockey and soccer and plays both regularly. He’s also a musician and plays the guitar to our dog Farrah every day. He can’t wait to have another audience member 🙂.

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We are potential adoptive parents Andy and April from Brooklyn, NY.  We are currently looking to adopt a child. We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us. We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! 🙂
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You may call 1-800-982-3678 any day & time of the year. Toll Free, 24/7, 365 days/year

Drop us a note via email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

More About Us:

About Andy

—as written by April

“Andy is one of the kindest, smartest, and funniest people I have ever met. He can talk to anyone, find common ground, and make them feel at ease. He makes friends wherever he goes and leaves an impression on everyone he meets. His deep voice commands a room, and his enthusiasm for life is contagious. When he asked me out on our first date, he was wearing a Tina Turner wig and I knew right then that life would never be boring with him!

Andy is also an incredible teacher. During the lockdown, I got to witness him in action during remote learning and after school tutoring. His patience, passion for learning, and genuine concern for his students is palpable, and it’s no wonder why he’s the favorite teacher at school.

Outside of work, Andy spends his time playing and writing music, playing soccer, being an avid NY Rangers hockey fan, and hanging out with our dog, Farrah. He has been to Eastern Europe several times to volunteer as a clown in orphanages and children’s hospitals. He is a gentle soul and can be very silly. He also has a beautiful singing voice and will often pull out his guitar and encourage people to sing along with him.

Andy is very close with both his mom and sister. Family is very important to him and he makes it a point to be in contact with them everyday. Our nieces absolutely adore their Uncle Andy. I know in my heart that Andy is going to be the best dad ever, and I can’t imagine a more wonderful person to raise a family with.”

Andy's patience, passion for learning, and genuine concern for his students is palpable.”

About April

—as written by Andy

“April is creative, patient, and passionate about making the world a more loving place. No matter what time of year it is, she has some kind of project in the works. Whether it’s knitting, sewing, or baking amazing treats, she’s always busy doing cool things!

April loves reading, and always has at least two books going, one for bedtime and one for subway rides. She is constantly learning, and has an amazing talent for passing that knowledge on in an engaging way; she’s taught me a ton about how to be a better teacher and a better person. She is also an absolutely incredible dancer, and a great singer as well. Music is something that comes very naturally to her, like so many other things.

April grew up in a small town in Connecticut with her mother and stepfather, and attended a Catholic high school and college. She is a very spiritual person, and often looks for — and finds — the best in the people around her.

I fell in love with April literally the moment I met her; she has a smile and a sense of humor that lights up the room. Her kindness and intelligence shine through in every single thing she does. She was born to be a mother, and I know that her kindness, humor, and beautiful soul will pass on to our child one day. I know that with her as my partner, we will raise a truly wonderful person.”

April's kindness and intelligence shine through in every single thing she does..”

Our Home

We love our home on our quiet street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Our neighborhood is nothing like the hustle and bustle of NYC in movies and TV. We’ve got the perfect balance of city living with its diversity, cultural events, and lots of great food, plus easy access to parks and open green spaces with a beautiful lake, ocean beaches, and tons of trees. We live in a townhouse in Park Slope on what we think is the best block in the universe! Our best friends Marc and Colleen live right above us with their two wonderful daughters who CAN’T WAIT to be older cousins to a new baby!

Our block has dozens of kids of all ages; we have great block parties twice a year, with bouncy castles, magicians, clowns, and live music by Andy and some of our other talented neighbors. Right up the road from us is Prospect Park, with beautiful lawns, playgrounds, wooded hikes, dog runs, summer concerts, and winter sledding hills. We’re also surrounded by cafes, theaters, bookstores and more.

Living in New York means the world revolves around our front stoop. When the sun is shining, you can find us eating breakfast or having our morning coffee there. We chat with neighbors walking by and it’s not uncommon for our yard to be the gathering point for the kids on the block. Our nieces come to visit often, and absolutely love it here. They’ll play games, draw hopscotch boards with chalk, and of course, eat lots of New York City pizza :). On nice evenings, we’ll have friends and family over for delicious meals, games, music, and maybe even a movie on our nice big couch.

We also spend a lot of weekends with our friends in other neighborhoods around New York, and with our family on Long Island. Andy’s sister is one of his best friends in the world, and our family is very close. Our nieces are wonderful people, and can’t wait to spend time with their new cousin!

Our Area (Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY):

Our Family & Friends

Our immediate family live mostly on Long Island, a short drive away from our home. We love spending time with Andy’s sister and mother, and our awesome nieces Gigi and Ellie. They love it when Andy reads to them in his deep gravelly voice, and have a lot of fun doing all sorts of cool science experiments like making crystals and building terrariums (they call these activities “scientisting”, and it’s a family favorite :)).

One of the best parts of living in the city is getting to take the girls to the Radio City Christmas Show to see the Rockettes! We also love playing music together, and of course, taking dancing lessons with our amazing instructor April 🙂

April’s parents live in Virginia, right on the Chesapeake Bay. They have a boat that they can dock right in their backyard! We love visiting them, and going out on the boat for fishing trips. April’s mom is one of the greatest cooks in the world, and just like April she is always doing something creative. Her stepfather is a sculptor and painter as well; they are an absolute riot to hang around with, and are over the moon excited to be grandparents. We also have amazing cousins in Florida and a few other spots around the country. Visiting them is like putting on an old sweater, it’s always warm, comfortable and just feels right 🙂

In addition to our family, we each have many close friends who live in our neighborhood or just beyond, some we’ve known since we were kids! Our friends and their kids are an extension of our family. We’re Aunt April and Uncle Andy to them, and they will be the same to our child. We see each other all the time, and our houses are always open to one another. We believe that family is made as much as it is inherited, and our friends and us have made a wonderful and supportive family over the years. And just like us, they can’t wait to welcome another member!


What our closest friends and siblings have to say about us:

Marc and Colleen

Andy’s intelligence and curiosity about the world are all the more reason he’ll make an excellent father. I have no concerns that he will not only be a great dad, but that he is especially suited for handling the often challenging situations that come with adoption. I can’t wait for him to finally have the chance to be a dad and I know that the child he adopts will be loved unconditionally.”


friend and adoptive parent

Marc, Colleen, Emma, and Maisie

April has so much love, warmth, and caring to offer a child. I cannot think of another individual in my life who would be a better parent. She is the perfect combination of protective, nurturing, creative, and just all around fun human being.”


friend and adoptive parent

Raquelle and her family

As April’s best friend, it has been wonderful to see her partnership with Andy. They share the same values they both place on their family and friends and loving their dog Farrah. Where some couples might turn away from each other, I have seen them turn towards each other for support again and again and particularly during their quest to have a family of their own.”


April’s Best Friend

Andy's Sister Elisa and Family

Gigi and Ellie look forward to time with Aunt April and Uncle Andy. Whether they go to a park, on a walk, or just hang in the house, these kids adore their aunt and uncle. Andy and April are loving, thoughtful, and generous — they are going to be amazing parents.”


Andy’s sister

Our Adventures

Having been together for 12 years, we’ve had many fun adventures together! Back in 2011, Andy and his best friend brought their musical to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for two weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland, and April acted as their producer, agent and usher. Over the years we’ve taken a few trips to Europe as well as the East and West Coasts of the US, and our most favorite places we’ve visited are Bermuda, Paris, and Greece. When we travel, we love to explore and experience the food and culture of each place. We can’t wait to have another travel companion to take in the sights and the sweets!

Our Fun Facts

Andy's Fun Facts

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Andy's Fun Facts

Occupation: Math Teacher & Professional Clown
Hobbies: Songwriting, Guitar & Piano, Soccer, Cooking
Places: The Woods, The Beach in Greece, Paris, Our Home!
Foods: Ravioli, a Good burger, & EVERTHING!!
Music: Beatles, Radiohead, 90’s Grunge, 70's Classic Rock

April's Fun Facts

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April's Fun Facts

Occupation: Manager at a Jewelry Co.
Hobbies: Baking, Fitness, & Taking Fun Classes
Places: Paris, Greece, Maine, Campfires, or in the Kitchen w/ Andy
Foods: Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Tacos, & my Mom's Homemade Red Sauce
Music: 90's Alternative Rock, Beyoncé

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Thank You

Thank you again for taking the time to look through our adoption profile. We wish you well with any decision you ultimately make. We hope you’ve gotten even a little sense of our excitement through this page. If our family might be what you’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us to talk further.

April and Andy

Information About the Adoption Process:

We are potential adoptive parents April and Andy from Brooklyn, NY. We are eager to grow our family as we hope to adopt a baby and share our love with a child. We have been legally qualified to be adoptive parents and will provide additional details about ourselves upon request. We are home-study approved! We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! We are very excited by the prospect of building our family through adoption! Please feel free to pass along our information by sharing our adoption profile on your social media pages, or email your friends. ~ Thank you!

We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption for your unborn baby (or if you are considering placing an already born child), please know that Friends in Adoption (FIA), is kind, caring, friendly, understanding, and ethical. They are a nonprofit organization offering free adoption information for pregnant women considering adoption, without ever putting any pressure on you to make a decision.

Should you decide on adoption, FIA will provide you with the choices you have in creating an adoption plan that fits YOU and your needs. FIA will offer you great resources such as free counseling and free legal assistance. They will also support you with medical and living expenses, as the law allows.

All inquiries are confidential.

April & Andy

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