Bradley & Elizabeth
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Loving couple in Marshfield, VT looking to adopt a baby from anywhere in the United States.

We are a Couple from Central Vermont Hoping to Start a Family Through Adoption!

Hello from Marshfield, Vermont!

We are Elizabeth and Bradley, and we’re so glad that you found our adoption profile. We want to give you a window into our life in Vermont, and share with you how excited and ready we are to provide a loving home for a child. 

We recognize that we do not know who you are, or the path that has led you to consider adoption, so we cannot truly understand what you are going through. We can only imagine that you may be facing some very difficult decisions, and that you want the best possible life for your child. If our profile speaks to you in some way, we warmly welcome you to reach out to us with any questions you might have… or just to talk. We’d love to connect with you.

Regardless of the path you choose to follow, we wish you strength and peace in finding your way to a decision that feels right for you and your child.

Bradley & Elizabeth

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Our Story

Our relationship began with an epic first date. We met through a local meditation group in 2009, but it was several years before we discovered that we both love kayaking and birdwatching. A few weeks later, we found ourselves on a nearby river for a short morning paddle… or so we thought. We ended up becoming so absorbed in talking and paddling and birdwatching that the sun had set and the stars were coming out before we pulled our boats out of the water! It was an incredible day in nature — including a beaver who swam right up to Bradley’s kayak and splashed him with its tail! — but the best part was discovering how much we enjoyed spending time together. The most magical moment came as we were floating quietly at dusk watching baby herons. Bradley looked up at the sky and said with amazement, “Elizabeth, you won’t believe this… It’s a rainbow… no, wait… it’s a DOUBLE rainbow!”

Since that day, our relationship has grown and deepened into a strong and love-filled partnership and marriage. We laugh together while making breakfast, and most nights we read out loud to each other while snuggled into bed. Every evening, we look forward to eating dinner together and sharing stories and news from our day. In addition to kayaking and birdwatching, we’re lucky to share many other interests. We love playing board games, playing guitar and singing together, reading, doing craft projects, and connecting with family and friends. Spending lots of time outdoors hiking, skiing, and camping is especially important to us. We can be playful and silly with each other — Bradley loves making Elizabeth laugh — and we also appreciate having deeper conversations.

We’ve always been able to talk through any disagreement, with the motto “always turn towards each other.” We take good care of each other, and cheer on each other’s goals, dreams, and successes. We’re both willing to put in the effort to learn and grow in order to be our best selves for each other — and for the child we hope to adopt. We make a great team and we feel so lucky to have found each other!

From early in our relationship, we knew that we wanted to have children together. Now we’re confident that we’ve built a solid, loving base for starting a family, and we’re so excited to share our life with a child! We both love children, and they are a big part of our lives. We hugely value the time that we spend with our nieces and nephews and our friends’ kids. And we’ve worked with children for a combined 30+ years, including Elizabeth’s time as an elementary school teacher and art therapist, and Bradley’s work as a math and science teacher and outdoor educator.

Because we both now work from home (and Elizabeth only part-time), we feel fortunate that we’ll be able to spend lots of time together as a family. We want to love and support a child as they learn about themselves and the world around them, helping them grow into the person they are meant to be. Bradley imagines exploring the woods around our house with a child, following their natural sense of curiosity and wonder as they get to know our plant and animal neighbors. Elizabeth envisions cozy bedtimes with songs, made-up stories, and plenty of snuggling. Together, we dream about creating a rich family culture filled with friends and relatives, special traditions, laughter… and lots of love.

We can’t wait for this next stage of our journey to begin!

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We are potential adoptive parents Bradley and Elizabeth from Marshfield, Vermont.  We are currently looking to adopt a child. We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us. We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! 🙂


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More About Us:

Meet Elizabeth

—as written by Bradley

“Elizabeth was born with a natural ability and a passion to connect with children, and she has wanted to be a mother her entire life. She is one of those rare grown-ups who has managed to maintain a child’s sense of joy and wonder, and anyone who meets her will see this right away in her buoyant energy and bubbling curiosity. Getting to know Elizabeth more deeply reveals how she has focused on her love of children throughout her life, both personally and professionally.

Elizabeth is an only child who dreamed about being part of a large family when she was young. To fulfill this desire, she created families of handmade dolls and invented a unique personality and interests for each one. Elizabeth developed her creative and artistic talents through college and is skilled in working with many different materials and techniques, including drawing, painting, printmaking, knitting, wool felting, and more.

Elizabeth delights in bringing color and beauty into our home, not just with her art, but also with flower bouquets picked from the garden, bright hand-sewn napkins for our dining table, and a variety of other colorful creations. She even hangs our laundry on the clothesline in rainbow order! Inspiring a child’s natural creativity is one of Elizabeth’s greatest gifts, and she has a vast trove of art and crafting supplies that I know she can’t wait to share. When we become parents, I am fully prepared for our walls, windows, refrigerator, and any other available surfaces to be covered with artwork made by tiny hands!

After college, Elizabeth discovered Waldorf education and fell in love with its philosophy of developing a child’s ‘head, hands, and heart.’ Her Waldorf training led her to Vermont, where she taught at a Waldorf elementary school and was beloved by her students and colleagues. One of many creative projects Elizabeth undertook for her students was making hand-drawn Advent calendars with whimsical scenes of animals enjoying winter and celebrating the holidays in rather human-like ways. She has now started her own business drawing and producing these calendars for local bookstores and toy stores, as well as donating them to organizations that work with chronically ill children.

I love Elizabeth for so many reasons, and I feel grateful every day that she is my partner in life. Here are just a few of the reasons why I love Elizabeth, and why I know she’ll be an amazing mother! I love to make Elizabeth laugh, because in her laugh I can hear the pure joy that sings in her heart. I love that she finds delight in the simplest things — a beautiful color, a birdsong, sunlight through the clouds. I love that she rescues the spiders in our house and talks to them soothingly as she carries them outside. I love that Elizabeth is both gentle and strong. I love that she cares so deeply for others, and I admire how she stays connected with her family and friends, especially when they are going through challenging times. I love that she whistles and sings while cooking, and I can already picture a child joining in with both the cooking and the singing! Most importantly, I love that she accepts me for exactly who I am, and I have no doubt that she will provide this same unconditional love for a child.

Elizabeth overflows with a love of life, a love of people, and especially a love of children. With her energy, creativity, compassion, patience, and joy, she will be an incredible mom, and I can’t imagine raising a child with anyone else!”

Elizabeth overflows with a love of life, a love of people, and especially a love of children.”


Meet Bradley

—as written by Elizabeth

“Bradley is someone who cares deeply and wants to make a difference in the world and in the lives of the people around him. He genuinely loves to help people, whether it’s holding a friend’s new baby while she’s in a dentist appointment or helping our neighbors put new siding on their house. Working as a naturalist and educator, Bradley is at his happiest when he’s out in the woods with a group of people, helping them learn about and connect with the plants and animals around them. Bradley is so excited to share his love of nature with a child. He’s looking forward to all sorts of outdoor adventures together — from building snow forts to catching tadpoles to learning the tracks of the animals in our backyard!

I love watching Bradley’s face light up when we spend time with friends and family. It is so sweet to see the way that he loves and cares for his ‘Vermont mom and dad’ who live ten minutes from us and are in their eighties — shoveling snow, stacking wood, and just taking the time to visit and connect. He remembers the birthdays of all of his family members and calls them or sends cards. Bradley loves being an uncle. When we visit his brother’s family, he has a longstanding tradition of taking his (now teenage) niece and nephew on a fun adventure, like the Chicago aquarium or a roller skating rink. It’s so sweet to see how much fun they have together, laughing and teasing each other and playing board games for hours.

In our relationship, I love Bradley’s steadiness and calm. He’s like a rock I can come home to. He also makes me laugh a dozen times a day. I’ve watched him make our friends’ eight-year-old daughter giggle so hard she falls on the floor laughing, and I can’t wait to see his wonderful silliness come out as a father. Bradley is also incredibly creative and loves making things with his hands. He’s really excited about doing projects with a child and imagines how much fun it will be to help them learn to use tools to build something special together, like a dollhouse or a play kitchen.

Bradley has an incredible capacity to accept people for exactly who they are. It’s amazing to feel like I have his absolutely unconditional love, no matter what. I know that as a father he will love a child deeply, and will celebrate and support them as a unique individual with their own unique interests and dreams. When Bradley commits to someone or something, he commits wholly and deeply. I feel so fortunate to have his deep love and commitment as a steady anchor in my life, and I know he will be that for a child as well.

Bradley is sensitive and thoughtful — always willing to look inward, to talk about things, and to seek out learning and growth. I know that he will be an incredibly sensitive and loving father, able to be present with a child however they are feeling and to guide and support them through the challenges as well as the joys in life. Imagining Bradley as a father makes me so happy. I know that he will be a steady, loving, wise, patient, and fun-loving parent, and will bring so much love and laughter to our home!”

I love Bradley’s steadiness and calm. He’s like a rock I can come home to. He also makes me laugh a dozen times a day.”


Meet Our Puppy

In the spring of 2021, we adopted a sweet, playful puppy. Winnie loves people and adores kids! When we get together with our friends who are parents, she makes a beeline for the children and wants to follow them around and play with them. Winnie loves going for long hikes, playing fetch, and curling up on the couch with us in the evenings. She often sits quietly on our deck, tilting her head from side to side as she watches the birds and squirrels and other critters in our yard. We love taking her on camping trips… except when she sneaks into our sleeping bags, and doesn’t leave any room for us! We know Winnie will LOVE having a small person join our family and will be a gentle and fun-loving companion.

Our Home & Community

Bradley came to Vermont almost twenty years ago for graduate school. Elizabeth came fifteen years ago to teach at a Waldorf elementary school. We both fell in love with the landscape and the people of Vermont and decided to make this state our home. Now, we’ve put down roots together in a beautiful, rural small town, surrounded by forests and farmland, wonderful neighbors, and a vibrant community.

Our home is nestled among fields and forested hillsides along a quiet country road. There’s plenty of space for a child to run and play and explore. We can hike or ski for miles right from our door on trails that wind through our neighbors’ land and the nearby town forest. Our house feels both spacious and cozy to us. We especially love our large, open kitchen and living room area, with sliding glass doors looking out over the field behind our house where we regularly see deer and wild turkeys. On summer evenings, we eat dinner on our deck and watch hummingbirds zipping around the feeder. On cold winter nights, we love to snuggle up on the couch with our puppy and a fire glowing in the woodstove. When children visit, they head straight to our “children’s corner” to find a book to read, or to play with blocks and small wooden animals. We often wake up to a chorus of birdsong and the sound of our neighbor’s sheep baa-ing across the street, and fall asleep listening to owls hooting in the quiet darkness.

Although we live in a rural area, we have a wonderful, close-knit group of neighbors living around us. In all seasons, people are out tending their gardens, shoveling snow, stacking wood, or walking their dogs, so there’s always someone to connect with. We love getting together for walks, sharing meals, or just chatting over mugs of tea. And there are regular neighborhood picnics, potlucks, and dance parties, as well as a tradition of caroling from home to home during the winter holidays. We share a big vegetable garden with our next door neighbor and get eggs from her chickens. And we’re frequently helping (or receiving help) with various outdoor projects, from clearing trails to building a new chicken coop. All of our neighbors are thrilled about the possibility of a child joining our family and our neighborhood!

Our small town of Marshfield, Vermont, has a strong community feeling, with many opportunities for children and families. We have two public libraries minutes from our house, hosting all kinds of educational programs for children, as well as summer outdoor concerts and movies. There’s a local food co-op and community center, a weekly farmers market, and a historic opera house that features plays and local music. Some of our favorite activities are the weekly and holiday singalongs organized by a local singer and song-writer. Our local papers and an online community forum are always packed with events and activities, from nature walks to harvest festivals. The two larger cities of Montpelier and Burlington are close by, and we enjoy visiting them for shopping expeditions, cultural events, and yummy restaurant meals.

We feel very grateful to live in a place with this combination of the peacefulness and beauty of nature, and the warmth and fun of community. We think it’s a wonderful place for a child to grow up!

Our Area (Central Vermont):

Family Life & Traditions

We believe that strong traditions bring meaning to everyday family life, and we’ve enjoyed combining favorite traditions from our childhoods with new ones that we’ve created together. Because we live in rural Vermont, many of our traditions are rooted in our connection to nature and the changing seasons. We can imagine a child delighting in all of our special traditions and celebrations throughout the year…

In the spring, we plant the garden and explore the woods to find the first small wildflowers and welcome the returning birds. We celebrate the transition from winter to spring with a tradition from Elizabeth’s childhood. We cut budding lilac branches from our yard and decorate this “spring tree” with ornaments that belonged to Elizabeth’s grandmother, and small wooden and felted-wool eggs. Over the next week, we watch as the buds open and tiny leaves emerge, creating a cheerful reminder of spring on our kitchen table. We also make a special dinner of Scandinavian aebleskivers, egg-shaped pancake balls cooked in a special griddle, filled with blueberries, and topped with maple syrup—yum! 

In the summer, we weed and water the garden, and create meals with whatever vegetables are ripe. We pick blueberries from our bushes to put on our cereal and bake into muffins. With the warmer weather, our friends and neighbors spend more time outdoors, and we regularly get together for walks, sharing meals, or just sitting in the sunshine and talking. On hot afternoons, we go swimming or kayaking at our favorite nearby ponds and rivers. And we love to go canoe camping — exploring little islands, cooking simple meals, singing around a campfire, and listening to loons calling as we snuggle into our sleeping bags. Or sometimes we just pitch a tent in our backyard, roast hotdogs over a fire, and sleep under the stars.

In the fall, we harvest veggies and herbs from the garden to store for the winter. We make applesauce, currant sauce, and elderberry syrup from our neighbor’s orchards. We stack firewood, and look forward to lighting the wood stove for the first time on a chilly autumn night. There are beautiful hikes near our house where we can get a panoramic view of the stunning fall color, and we often come home with a collection of brightly-colored leaves. With a child, we’re excited to celebrate the longer autumn nights with a tradition from Elizabeth’s time as a Waldorf teacher — making colorful lanterns and carrying them on a walk through the forest at dusk, singing songs as the lanterns glow brightly in the darkness.

In the winter, we cross-country ski almost every day. We love following animal tracks in the snow and seeing that while we’ve been asleep foxes and deer and snowshoe hares have been criss-crossing the fields and woods in the moonlight. In the evenings, it feels so cozy to sit by the wood stove reading, doing craft projects, or just snuggling with our puppy. The winter holidays bring some of our very favorite traditions. We cut down a tree from the forest and decorate it with our collection of special ornaments, many of them made by or handed down from our parents and grandparents. We invite family and friends to gather around the tree, light candles, sing songs, and read our favorite holiday stories. It’s also important to us that the holidays are about making or doing something special for others. For example, last year we cut down tiny fir trees and decorated them with handmade ornaments for friends and neighbors. Lastly, we can picture a child’s excitement each day when they get to open a new window on one of Elizabeth’s hand-drawn Advent calendars!

We’re so looking forward to weaving a strong and loving family culture through sharing these traditions with a child—and making up new ones together!

Our Family

Staying connected with family is very important to us, and we love our regular visits, texts, phone calls, and Zoom gatherings with relatives near and far. Our whole extended family is so excited to welcome and embrace a child by adoption and support us in every way they can!

Elizabeth's Family

Elizabeth’s parents, Jim and Liz, live in Elizabeth’s childhood home in central Michigan. Elizabeth has always had a very special, close relationship with her parents. She and her dad have a tradition of going on father-daughter camping trips, and have always been able to talk about anything. Elizabeth and her mom text or talk on the phone every day, and love doing all sorts of craft projects when they’re together. We visit Elizabeth’s parents a couple of times a year, and they love coming to Vermont and visit us a couple of times a year as well. During the pandemic, we even started playing our favorite board game via WhatsApp! We love spending Christmas at their house—baking cookies, playing board games, and reading favorite Christmas stories from Elizabeth’s childhood out loud around the fireplace in the evenings.

Elizabeth’s parents are so excited to become grandparents! They can’t wait to do the same things with a grandchild that they used to do with Elizabeth when she was little. Jim is excited to teach a grandchild how to cross country ski, look for salamanders underneath logs, pick strawberries and raspberries in their garden, and learn the calls of all the birds in their yard. Liz is looking forward to telling stories (she made up an ongoing story for Elizabeth about a mouse named Nibbles), baking cookies with her favorite holiday cookie cutters, and sharing all of her favorite children’s books.

Elizabeth is an only child, but she’s always been close to her aunts and uncles and cousins, many of whom live nearby in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. One of Elizabeth’s cousins was adopted, and another cousin and his wife adopted one of their children. We’re happy that a child joining our family through adoption will have other family members who share that piece of their life experience, and will likewise be welcomed with open arms. We spend time every summer at a cottage on the Maine coast with Elizabeth’s extended family on her mom’s side. Elizabeth’s family has been going there since she was little, and it’s one of her favorite places on earth. We’re so excited to share all of our favorite Maine traditions with a child — swimming and building elaborate sandcastles at the beach, searching for starfish and hermit crabs in tide pools, talking and laughing together over big family dinners, and playing hilarious games of Pictionary in the evenings.

Bradley's Family

Bradley’s parents, Ron and Karen, live in the sunny desert climate of southern California, where we visit them about once a year… often in the fall when Vermont is getting chilly! In high school, Ron played guitar and sang in a rock ‘n’ roll band, and he claims (jokingly) that he should have been a country music star. When the pandemic began, Ron became inspired to start writing music and has now recorded two albums of original songs and covers! Karen has a kind and adventurous spirit. When Bradley was in college, she once went rock-climbing with him, and also flew by herself to visit him in Ecuador while he was traveling there. Now she enjoys spending time with friends at local coffee shops and the neighborhood dog park, or working on cooking and baking projects at home. Bradley’s parents will be thrilled to have another grandchild who can splash around in their pool, sing along while Ron plays silly songs on his guitar, and help bake yummy treats with Karen!

Bradley’s younger brother, Craig, and his wife, also named Karen, live in the western suburbs of Chicago. This is just a few hours drive from Elizabeth’s parents’ home in Michigan, so we have a tradition of spending Christmas in Michigan and New Year’s in Chicago. Their son, Chris, is in high school, and their daughter, Katie, goes to college in Ohio. Bradley has always shared a close connection with his niece and nephew. We love playing board games with them, or taking them to downtown Chicago to explore the museums and other sights.

Our “Vermont Family”

We are also fortunate to have a “Vermont family.” Bradley was previously married and his former wife, Rain, is a good friend to both of us. Her parents, Allen and Lorilla, are Bradley’s “Vermont mom and dad,” and they live just down the road from us on a beautiful piece of land. Allen is a former math teacher, an amazing storyteller, and can fix just about anything. Lorilla is a talented weaver, painter, and photographer. We visit them frequently and often help with chores and outdoor projects. Allen and Lorilla also have another daughter, Michelle, who lives nearby with her husband, Padraig, and their teenage children, Saoirse and Will. When we started dating, Elizabeth was immediately embraced as another member of the family, and she feels lucky to have a second set of “in-laws!” Our favorite time of year with our Vermont family is Thanksgiving, when we all get together for a huge meal, lively games, and lots of laughter and gratitude.

We are so happy that our unique family can provide a child with THREE sets of grandparents, as well as a whole network of aunts, uncles, and cousins to love them and share special times together.

Words from Our Friends

We feel very grateful to have dear friends both nearby and all over the country, who are all so excited for us to start a family. Many of our friends have young kids, so the child we adopt will have lots of friends to play with and many loving “aunties” and “uncles.” For this section, we asked a few of our closest friends to share some thoughts about us as potential parents.


Our kids have known and loved ‘Aunty Elizabeth’ and ‘Uncle Bradley’ since they were tiny babies. These are two of the kindest, most generous, and most open-hearted people we know. Both of them adore children and have a gentle and loving manner around them. Our kids naturally blossom in their presence and love to play and talk with them. We love sending our children to spend time with Bradley and Elizabeth — we trust them wholeheartedly. We know that our kids will have rich and nourishing experiences, held in the care of Elizabeth and Bradley’s loving presence. These two are going to create a life full of love, nourishment, and joy for a child. We are so excited for them to be parents!”

-Nikki & Barry



Elizabeth and Bradley are a warm, caring couple who love children and are invested in being the best parents they can be. Even though we live hours away, ‘Aunty Beth’ and ‘Uncle Bradley’ have worked hard to stay close to my two daughters through visits, phone calls, cards, and handmade gifts. On their last visit, my daughters adored the fun, creative activities they had planned, including games, making fairy houses, baking cookies, and making felted wool crafts. Bradley played his guitar and sang with the girls and set up his birdwatching telescope so they could observe the birds in our backyard. We had tea parties and went on walks through the woods. When I imagine Elizabeth and Bradley with a child, I imagine a home full of warmth, coziness, time in nature, playfulness, books, music, and art. I imagine them doing their best to get to know the child’s unique personality, as well as providing them with opportunities for reading, learning, and creative activities as they grow. Bradley and Elizabeth will be wonderful parents!”

-Elizabeth T.



I met Elizabeth when she was an exceptionally gifted first grade teacher, guiding her class with unusual grace, kindness, humor, and nearly angelic patience. Elizabeth’s students absolutely adored her. She created an atmosphere of magic and wonder in her classroom… like the mischievous little wooden frog, Pepe, who the children had to search for each morning, and the beautiful chalkboard scene of a cottage in the woods drawn by ‘the elves,’ where one detail magically changed every day. Visiting her classroom, I could see the delight on the children’s faces! When Elizabeth met Bradley, I knew that she had found a life partner with the same uncommon blend of deep gentleness and a wise sense of humor in the face of life’s ups and downs. I often rely on Elizabeth and Bradley’s insight, optimism, and creativity in parenting my own two children. They’ve even resolved my children’s tantrums when I was at a loss for how to do it! Bradley and Elizabeth are both gifted artists, musicians, and teachers… but their greatest art is their own souls. With their great capacity for warmth and love, I cannot think of two people better suited to parenthood.”



Our Thoughts on Parenting

We are so very excited to become parents, and we spend a lot of time thinking and talking with each other about how we hope to raise a child. As you consider adoption for your baby, we’d like to share some of our thoughts with you, so that you can see if our approach to parenting might be a good fit for your own hopes for your child.

One of the strongest principles that guides how we lead our lives and how we plan to raise a child is connection — connection to self, to family and community, and to nature. We believe that a child raised with this sense of connection will feel secure and confident, will act with kindness and compassion towards others, and will love and care for the natural world.

We will nurture a child’s connection to self by loving them unconditionally. As parents, we want to be the secure and loving “home base” from which a child can begin to explore the world and discover their own unique identity and interests. We want a child to know they can express however they’re feeling — happy or sad, angry or scared — and we will accept them just as they are. We want to offer a child many different experiences and opportunities so they can explore who they are and who they want to be in life. Most importantly, we want a child to trust that we will always be there for them — from their first steps, to their first date, to their first job — no matter what!

Childhood is such a magical time, and we want to make sure a child has plenty of time for play and exploration to nourish their imagination and confidence. At the same time, we want to create a sense of security with a daily rhythm of family mealtimes, cozy bedtimes with stories and songs, and other comforting routines. And we want to include a child in fun and meaningful family tasks, like helping to bake cookies or picking carrots from the garden.

We believe that strong, loving connections with family and community are vital to a child’s happiness and well being. It’s important to us that our community includes a wide variety of people, so that a child can develop a deep respect for the differences that make each of us unique and valuable. And we hope to inspire a child’s kindness and empathy by helping them find ways to care for others, like picking a bouquet of flowers for an elderly neighbor who’s sick.

Lastly, we will nurture a child’s connection to nature by spending lots of time outdoors together as a family. The woods and fields around our house are full of beautiful and intriguing places where a child’s wonder and curiosity can blossom. We can imagine a child delighting in all sorts of outdoor adventures, like following deer tracks through the snow, searching for frogs in forest pools, or discovering a nest full of baby robins!

We hope this has given you a picture of how we hope to raise a child, and we would very much welcome any questions you might have for us.

Our Fun Facts

Elizabeth's Fun Facts

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Elizabeth's Fun Facts

Occupation: Artist & Teacher
Hobbies: Hiking, Baking, Reading, Crafting
Places: The Beach in Maine, The Vermont Woods
Foods: Ice Cream, Any & All Breakfast Foods
Music: Singing with Friends Around a Campfire

Bradley's Fun Facts

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Bradley's Fun Facts

Occupation: Naturalist & Educator
Hobbies: XC Skiing, Hiking, Wildlife Tracking, Birding, Playing Guitar
Places: Sierra Nevada Mountains (CA), The Woods of Vermont
Foods: Pizza, Tiramisu & Anything Elizabeth Makes!
Music: U2! But I Mostly Listen to Nerdy Podcasts

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bradley elizabeth note

Thank You

We really appreciate that you’ve chosen to spend some of your time getting to know us a little bit. We hope that our words and photos have given you a picture of the life and the LOVE that we have to share with a child... and how excited we are to adopt! We can imagine you might have questions that weren’t answered in our profile, so please feel free to reach out to us any time. We’d be so happy to talk with you!

Information About the Adoption Process:

We are potential adoptive parents Bradley and Elizabeth from Central Vermont. We are eager to grow our family as we hope to adopt a baby and share our love with a child. We have been legally qualified to be adoptive parents and will provide additional details about ourselves upon request. We are home-study approved! We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! We are very excited by the prospect of building our family through adoption! Please feel free to pass along our information by sharing our adoption profile on your social media pages, or email your friends. ~ Thank you!

We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption for your unborn baby (or if you are considering placing an already born child), please know that Friends in Adoption (FIA), is kind, caring, friendly, understanding, and ethical. They are a nonprofit organization offering free adoption information for pregnant women considering adoption, without ever putting any pressure on you to make a decision.

Should you decide on adoption, FIA will provide you with the choices you have in creating an adoption plan that fits YOU and your needs. FIA will offer you great resources such as free counseling and free legal assistance. They will also support you with medical and living expenses, as the law allows.

All inquiries are confidential.

Bradley & Elizabeth

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