For these tabs, we decided to write about each other and share with you a bit about the other person. So this is Dirk writing about Brian.

“At the risk of sounding trite, I consider meeting Brian to be one of my life’s greatest fortunes. What immediately struck me wasn’t his intelligence or looks (although he has both of those), but he has a consistently kind demeanor he conveys in his interactions with just about everyone.

That told me a lot about him.

He’s a passionate person who loves his profession (surgery) and the sacrifice that he’s made to get to where he is (14 years of school!) is truly admirable.

Brian is compassionate and caring, two traits that I think will make him a wonderful parent (this is also evident whenever I see him interact with our friends’ children). His connection to his family is strong; I believe that his tight-knit upbringing is what forged the kind and remarkable individual that he is today.

Aside from the practical, he also has a playful side. Two things that people don’t immediately know about him are that he has an infectious sense of humor and that he loves watching television (something that we have in common) 🙂 .”

“Brian is compassionate and caring, two traits that will make him a wonderful parent.”


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