For these tabs, we decided to write about each other and share with you a bit about the other person. So this is Brian writing about Dirk.

“When I first met Dirk, I couldn’t help but be impressed with all of his individual accomplishments. What I quickly realized is that all of these accolades were a direct result of the person that he is — someone genuinely interested in learning and making deep connections with people (he can find something in common with almost anyone). I immediately knew the type of father that he would be — nurturing, level-headed and ready to take on anything that our family could ever face. He’s proven this in the support he’s given me over the years, during the most intense and chaotic parts of my schooling and medical residency.

The bonds he forms with others are always substantial and heartfelt. Dirk is extremely close with his identical twin and even though he lives in London, they message back and forth so much that I sometimes feel as if he lives next door. I look at these connections as a glimpse into the bond our own family will have one day, between us as parents and then between our own children.”

“The bonds Dirk forms with others are always substantial and heartfelt.”


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