We are so fortunate to have such great friends whom we consider our second family. They have been a big part of our lives for one reason or another for many years and continue to be trustworthy, honest, and loyal to our family. They have been there for us in the best times and have seen us through the most difficult of times. We appreciate all of the love, support, and advice they have provided. We often like to get together for some laughs, a summer BBQ, or even for a fun game night with all of our children.

They are always willing to help when needed as many of them live locally and a few that are just a phone call away. Their selflessness, kindness, and dependability is why we have all been friends for so many years. We enjoy planning vacations together with our families and look forward to making memories together through adventure and laughter.

They have been such an important piece to our story and lives that Dina has been fortunate to officiate two of our closest friends’ weddings. This incredible circle of friends have been so supportive of our adoption journey and are excited to welcome a new addition to our family and theirs.

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