Hi! We are Dina, Susan, Olivia, and Grayson, from Ulster County, NY. We cannot wait to build our family through adoption.

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Susan’s Fun Facts

  • Occupation: Nurse
  • Hobbies: Shopping, cooking/baking, crafts, reading
  • Favorite Places: The beach and the outdoors
  • Favorite Foods: Pizza, ice cream, chocolate
  • Favorite Music: R&B, POP, Latin

Dina’s Fun Facts

  • Occupation: Public Enforcement
  • Hobbies: Home improvement projects, puzzles, music
  • Favorite Places: Anywhere sunny
  • Favorite Foods: Sushi, Pizza, M&M’s
  • Favorite Music: Rock, Latin, POP

Olivia’s Fun Facts

  • Occupation: Thrill Seeker
  • Hobbies: Crafts, singing, dancing
  • Favorite Places: Disney World, waterparks, miniature golf
  • Favorite Foods: Tacos, Ice cream
  • Favorite Music: Justin Bieber

Grayson’s Fun Facts

  • Occupation: Sport enthusiast
  • Hobbies: Sports, Legos, karate, bowling
  • Favorite Places: Disney World, the beach, playgrounds, miniature golf
  • Favorite Foods: Any fruit, ice pops
  • Favorite Music: Shawn Mendes

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