We are Elicia and Conor from Southern Vermont

We’re Looking to Adopt a Child!

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Palm tree Christmas lights in West Palm Beach, Florida

Hello, and welcome to our adoption agency profile! We are Elicia and Conor from Vermont. We know it takes a lot of strength to consider adoption as one of your options for you and your baby. We send you positive thoughts and wish you well.

In the following pages we offer you a glimpse into our lives, where we live, and the things that are most important to us. We both come from close-knit families that are eager to welcome a new member into our family. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and hope you consider us as adoptive parents.

— Elicia & Conor

We may be reached through

Friends in Adoption

via email

Or call 1-800-982-3678

Or text us at 1-518-350-4581
M–F 8am–4pm EST

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A sunny autumn day at home in Vermont
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