Tamberlyn, Jon, & Bella
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Loving family in Upstate New York
looking to adopt a baby
from anywhere in the United States.

We are a family from the Southern Adirondacks region, hoping to grow through adoption!

Hello from Warren County, NY!

We want to give you a big thanks for viewing our family’s details. You are in our prayers and thoughts as you consider walking on this journey! Please know that we are here to assist where we can and answer your questions.

Tamberlyn, Jon, & Bella

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Our Story

As a couple, we met while working at a local restaurant — Tamberlyn was a waitress and Jon was a chef. Tamberlyn had just moved out to New York from Wisconsin. Although she moved on to other employment very soon, we stayed in touch through a mutual friend and began dating about three months after meeting.

We dated for about a year and then got engaged in Cape Cod. We also married there about a year later, at a quaint bed & breakfast with a beautiful garden chapel on premises. We’ve been in wedded bliss for almost 22 years and happily together about 24 years!

Our beautiful daughter, Isabella, entered our lives a little over 8 years ago through a beautiful adoption story. We met her wonderful birth Mother on a Monday and Isabella was born 3 days later! We were there from the moment she blessed this world with her presence and every day since! She is our joy!!

At a Glance: 10 Things to Know About Us

How to Get in Touch:

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We are potential adoptive parents Tamberlyn and Jon from Upstate New York.  We are currently looking to adopt a child. We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us. We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! 🙂

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You may call 1-800-982-3678 any day & time of the year. Toll Free, 24/7, 365 days/year

Drop us a note via email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

More About Us:

Meet Tamberlyn

—as written by Tamberlyn

“Hello! I had the wonderful experience of growing up on a farm in Wisconsin with my Mom and Dad and younger sisters and brother. Our farm was across the road from my grandparents’ farm, so we have many family memories at both places. I learned not only to work hard, but to appreciate the beauty all around me. I drove tractors, rode my horse, fed our dog, and loved every moment on the farm!

I attended our local school and after high school graduation, traveled for nine months with a singing tour across the US, Europe, and the former USSR — it was an adventure I’ll never forget!

I attended college after that, studying music, public relations, and speech communication. I have had many leadership roles in my careers, including managing a grocery store in Wisconsin, training fellow sales representatives in the insurance industry in New York, and currently owning and operating our business with my husband, Jon.

I moved to New York after visiting my college roommate in Upstate New York and falling in love with the area. Jon and I met soon after I moved, became great friends and started dating a few months later. We spent about a year of our dating time in different cities while I acted in New York City. We fell in love and were married in Cape Cod a few years later!

We adopted our amazing daughter, Bella, and it has been so incredible! She will be a third grader soon and is the joy of our life! She is excited to be a big sister, too! I love being her Mom and teaching her new things, listening to her and watching her become such an amazing little human being!”

Growing up, I learned not only to work hard, but to appreciate the beauty all around me.”

Meet Jon

—as written by Jon

“Hello there! My experience of growing up was from a unique perspective. I have two older brothers and three older sisters, and my next youngest sibling is almost ten years older than me. My mom would ALWAYS love to introduce her ‘baby boy’ to everyone … even when I was a teenager and foot taller than her!

My parents loved giving me as many opportunities as they could manage, and my older siblings helped out as well. I developed my love of travel at the age of five, when me, my dad, and brothers drove from upstate NY to Indianapolis to see the Indy 500. An incredible trip we repeated several times in the years that followed, as well as many other trips. I even went as far as driving to Alaska by myself during my college years.

My sisters loved for their baby brother to tag along on many adventures as well. Whether it was skiing, picnicking, or just out for an ice cream, I always loved going places with my siblings!

This love of adventure led me to live in NYC for a year, which led me to move to Saratoga, and work at a restaurant where I met my beautiful wife. Incredible travel stories are some of the first memories her and I shared, and helped us fall in love with each other.

Our daughter Bella is incredible, and we have immensely enjoyed sharing our love of life and sense of adventure with her, and look forward to having her become a big sister!”

I always loved going places with my siblings!”

Meet Bella

Bella is an amazing child! She is eight and will soon be a Third grader. She loves math, music, playing, singing, helping others. She loves watching musicals and was in her first production last Christmas and loved every minute of it! She is currently taking singing and acting lessons as well as swimming lessons.

Bella loves going to the beach or pool whenever she can! She has also taken ice skating lessons, played basketball and softball, and will soon try her hand at soccer.

She has a big, caring heart. When she was just six she decided to raise money for our local homeless shelter and raised over $100 all by herself in a few short weeks. Since then, she has raised another $300 plus and is happy she is making a difference.

Bella is incredibly social and makes friends everywhere she goes. She is very sensitive and caring and will be a great big sister!

Bella is incredibly social and makes friends everywhere she goes.”

Our Home

Our home is a three-story single family home that is in the heart of our city. The location is ideal for so many reasons. We are a few blocks from the library, which Bella loves! We are also minutes away from the parks, swimming pool, baseball stadium, hockey arena, restaurants, theatre, and shops.

We have a nice sized back yard that is fenced in for Bella to play in — as well as our dog, too. Each season brings such joy — we have lilacs, bridal bushes, mulberry trees, an apple tree, rose of Sharon bushes, and beautiful maple trees.

We were so blessed to pay off our home in two years which has given us peace of mind and security in knowing it is paid for.

Our Area (Warren County, NY):

Our Extended Family

We have a very large extended family on both Tamberlyn’s and Jon’s side. We make an annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin, where Tamberlyn is from, and we visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, etc. — to up to 60 people at family functions. We talk to the family as well every week, via phone or messenger calls.

Jon’s family is also large and we visit them as often as we can. One of his brothers and family live about an hour away and we see them about once a month. We talk often as well, and try to take turns traveling to visit them in the many states they live in.

Tamberlyn's Family

Jon's Family

Our Friends

We are definitely people people! We have many friends, far and wide, both all over the US and some overseas. We lead a very active life and get together with friends often, whether it is dining out or watching Bella play softball or taking in a hockey match.

Our Faith and Community

Our faith has been a staple. It has given us hope when we’ve needed it, courage, great joy, and fulfillment. We enjoy going to our local church, but believe our personal faith is something that should be lived out daily through loving people and helping them and living in a place of being grateful.

Our community is truly amazing. We have been involved in it for many years now. Even in business, we have built relationships with the people in our community for almost 20 years and it is a beautiful thing!

Our Fun Facts

Tamberlyn's Fun Facts

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Tamberlyn's Fun Facts

Occupation: Running Our Café and Making Delicious Baked Goods
Hobbies: Singing, Traveling, Dipping My Toes in Any Ocean
Places: Prince Edward Island, Wisconsin, Maine, Florida
Foods: Any Kind of Cheese, Potatoes, Fresh Veggies
Music: Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Santana, any Broadway Musical, Jazz

Jon's Fun Facts

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Jon's Fun Facts

Occupation: Creating Scrumptious Pies, Crepes, and More
Hobbies: Golf, Traveling, Following Boston Sports
Places: Prince Edward Island, Cape Cod, Boston, New England
Foods: Wings, Steak, Chowder
Music: 80’s Music, Ska, Celtic Punk

Bella's Fun Facts

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Bella's Fun Facts

Occupation: Prepping to Be an Awesome 3rd Grader!
Hobbies: Sing, Dance, Have Fun with Friends
Places: Disney World, Wisconsin, Any Hotel with a Swimming Pool
Foods: Ice cream, Ice Cream Cake, Pasta, Pizza
Music: Kidz Bop, BTS, Justin Bieber, Into the Woods Musical

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Thank You

The three of us would like to thank you for taking the time to read our adoption profile and learn a little bit about us. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you consider walking out this journey.

Tamberlyn, Jon, & Bella

Information About the Adoption Process:

We are potential adoptive parents Tamberlyn and Jon from Upstate New York. We are eager to grow our family as we hope to adopt a baby and share our love with a child. We have been legally qualified to be adoptive parents and will provide additional details about ourselves upon request. We are home-study approved! We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! We are very excited by the prospect of building our family through adoption! Please feel free to pass along our information by sharing our adoption profile on your social media pages, or email your friends. ~ Thank you!

We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption for your unborn baby (or if you are considering placing an already born child), please know that Friends in Adoption (FIA), is kind, caring, friendly, understanding, and ethical. They are a nonprofit organization offering free adoption information for pregnant women considering adoption, without ever putting any pressure on you to make a decision.

Should you decide on adoption, FIA will provide you with the choices you have in creating an adoption plan that fits YOU and your needs. FIA will offer you great resources such as free counseling and free legal assistance. They will also support you with medical and living expenses, as the law allows.

All inquiries are confidential.

Tamberlyn, Jon, & Bella

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