Matt & Joe
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Loving couple in Savannah, GA
looking to adopt a baby
from anywhere in the United States.

We are a same-sex couple from Georgia, hoping to grow our family through adoption!

Hello from The Southeast!

We are Matt and Joe and want to thank you for visiting our adoption profile and getting to know us. We know how much courage, strength, and love it takes when thinking about adoption, and we are extremely grateful for this consideration.

Through our profile, we invite you to learn more about us, our life together, and our desire to introduce a child into our life through adoption. We are honored and thankful for the opportunity to share with you who we are and all we hope to offer as parents.

Matt and Joe

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Our Story

We met in Houston, TX in 2015, where Matt was working and Joe was visiting his family from his medical residency to become a Pediatrician. We were married in Galveston, TX in 2018. We are truly each other’s best friends — our life together is filled with so much joy and laughter.

We live in a historic home in Savannah, GA with a backyard where our dog, Gus, can always be found running. We enjoy spending time at the beach and on the boat, cooking, baking, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

We have a life full of love that we can’t wait to grow by expanding our family!

At a Glance: 10 Things to Know About Us

How to Get in Touch:

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We are potential adoptive parents Matt and Joe from Savannah, GA.  We are currently looking to adopt a child. We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us. We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! 🙂

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You may call 1-800-982-3678 any day & time of the year. Toll Free, 24/7, 365 days/year

Drop us a note via email and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

More About Us:

Meet Matt

—as written by Joe

“Matt is hands down the most considerate person I have ever known. Along with his consideration, he is also funny, hardworking, and compassionate. He is a faithful and affectionate companion. He will do anything for his family and friends and there is very little he won’t do for those in need. He is a true man for others.

He is incredible with kids. His seven nieces and nephews think he is the best Uncle ever — he is always planning fun activities with them and making them feel incredibly special.

As a project manager he wears many hats. He can be found on top of some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country or on a job site in rural America. His previous employment took Matt all over the world for five years where he learned valuable job skills but more importantly life lessons. He is constantly praised from his coworkers for his professionalism as well as his diligence at work. Most impressive is how all his coworkers feel like Matt is more of a friend and brother than a colleague.

Matt is always eager to learn a new skill. He is an avid reader and loves being outside. He trained our current dog. He has an amazing ability to captivate a room and befriend anyone. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything Matt can’t do if he really puts his mind to it.

I am truly blessed to be married to my best friend. Words cannot describe how ecstatic I am to see Matt become a father because I know that he will be a caring and loving dad.”

Matt will do anything for his family and friends and there is very little he won’t do for those in need. He is a true man for others.”

Meet Joe

—as written by Matt

“Joe’s compassion and loyalty know no bounds. First of all, he is a devoted and loving husband. Everything that he does in his life is to contribute to our family. He is an amazing son, an incredible brother, and is the most loyal person that I’ve ever met. He will go to the ends of the earth for those he loves.

As a Neonatologist, he is a Medical Doctor who works in the NICU taking care of premature and sick newborns. He always fights for the underdog and has committed his professional life to fighting for those who sometimes do not seem to have a chance. He experiences the highest of highs and lowest of lows in caring for both his patients and the parents and families of these babies. And even after a day full of giving so much love, he still comes home and ensures that our home is full of love as well. He doesn’t like to admit it or accept the praise, but he is a true hero in both my eyes and the eyes of countless families.

Joe is an amazing cook and baker, and is an expert boat captain. He also knows more than anyone I’ve ever met about plants and flowers. And it’s always impressive to see this man dance — he is a star on the dance floor!

I feel lucky every day to get to share my life with Joe, and I cannot wait to experience fatherhood with him, as I can’t imagine a better future dad.”

Joe is a true hero in both my eyes and the eyes of countless families.”

Our Home and Neighborhood

We live in a spacious historic home in downtown Savannah. We are lucky to have a beautiful back yard where we are always gardening and experimenting with new flowers and plants. In our kitchen, we have a bright green table that our friends and neighbors love to sit around and catch up (especially if Joe is cooking for everyone).

There are always families walking around and pushing strollers up and down our street on their way to Forsyth Park. We live one block from our town’s biggest public park, complete with two huge playgrounds, tons of trees, a famous fountain, and two cafes. This park hosts our local farmer’s market every Saturday, and we are there every weekend with our dog.

We also share a vacation home/farm with Joe’s family in Nelsonville, TX, halfway between Houston and Austin. We love heading there for holidays to enjoy the Texas countryside, plant new trees, and feed the cows.

Our Area (Savannah, Georgia):

Our Family

Matt grew up in Louisville, KY, where his parents and his brother live. His older brother, Davin, and his wife, Sarah, have three daughters — Sophia, Hattie, and Millie. Matt loves that the girls are getting old enough for cell phones so that he can text and call them whenever he wants.

Joe grew up in Houston, TX. His parents still live there, along with his younger brother Jimmy and his wife, Elyse, and their two children, James and Julia. Joe’s older sister lives in Santa Fe, NM, with her husband and their two children, Stella and Román. Joe loves being the fun uncle!

The two of us are always visiting our families for holidays, spring breaks, and any weekends that we can. With seven nieces and nephews between both sides of our families, the kids cannot wait for a new cousin — even though they are obsessed with their current “cousin” — our dog, Gus!

Matt's Family

Joe's Family

Our Friends

We are so grateful to have become friends with some incredibly supportive and accepting people since we have moved to Savannah. They are truly more than friends — they are part of our family! Our house and yard are fixtures with our friends as they love spending time in our home. Our group of friends cannot wait for our family to expand and to have a child to shower with love and affection.

Words from our Friends and Family

What they have to say about us:

Jackie’s children, Stella and Roman, having fun with Uncle Joe at the beach

I’m Jackie, sister to Josef and sister-in-law to Matt. I have 2 children — Stella (4) and Roman (2). We have been lucky enough to spend extended periods of time with Matt and Josef at their house in Savannah and on trips with our families. Stella and Roman absolutely love their Uncle Matt and Uncle Joe. Not only do they live two blocks from a giant park — any toddler’s dream! — they make sure they plan fun activities for the kids while we are there, have the sweetest dog, and love being goofy and acting silly with the kids. Stella and Roman are always asking when we are going to go back to visit their Uncles. I just know that they are going to make the best parents and I’m so excited to welcome another little person into our family.”


Joe's sister

Davin, his wife, and their three daughters with Uncle Matt at the beach

We are very excited that Uncle Matt and Uncle Joe will be adding a child to our family. Matt is my brother and best friend since he was born. My wife Sarah and I were blessed to welcome three amazing daughters into our lives. I pray that Matt and Joe can experience the joys of parenthood like us. My three daughters think Uncle Matt hung the moon. They truly believe he is the most ‘amazing, cool, fun, caring uncle in the world’. My brother Matt will be an amazing father. Even though he is my younger brother, I have always looked up to him. Since he was a young child, my brother has truly been a man born with a compassionate and kind soul. As a father, there is no doubt in my mind that Matt and Joe will provide a life of love and support for the child they adopt. I simply could not ask for better uncles than Matt and Joe for my daughters. They are wonderful role models. They exemplify what a happy and successful marriage should be. I look forward to seeing them grow as parents.”


Matt's Brother

Childhood photo of our close friend, Jeff, with his sister

I was adopted, as was my sister, several cousins, and dozens of friends. I live daily in a world of people transformed by adoption. Our community is the foundation of who I am, and something I value first before any other. I consider adoption the origin of the breath in my lungs and all the blessings God has given me. I consider Matt and Joe ideal candidates to join our community. They are a strong, emotionally stable couple who are established in their community, come from big dynamic families, and are connected with people who care deeply about them. They are bursting at the seams with love, focused on the needs of children, and they are already living a lifestyle conducive to a happy family. Both Matt and Joe have worked with me and other members of our adoption community to understand our experiences and where they would fit. We’ve talked about this step for years. My mother and father, my cousins (including a cousin in Savannah who was adopted), and our network of friends in the adoption community will do everything we can to support Matt and Joe. I have no hesitation that theirs is the best imaginable home to welcome a child.”



Our Pup

We have an amazing three-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer named Gus! While Joe grew up with dogs, Gus is Matt’s first dog, and he is a loved member of the family. Gus is always running through downtown with Matt, hunting squirrels in the park with Joe, or running through waves on the beach. He adores children and absolutely loves cuddling.

Our Fun Facts

Matt's Fun Facts

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Matt's Fun Facts

Occupation: Construction Project Manager
Hobbies: Gardening, Reading, Running
Places: New Orleans, Our Backyard, and Croatia
Foods: Pizza, Crab legs, and Garlic Bread
Music: The Dixie Chicks, Motown, and 90's R&B

Joe's Fun Facts

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Joe's Fun Facts

Occupation: Doctor – Pediatrician, Neonatologist
Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Boating
Places: Nelsonville, TX, any Body of Water
Foods: Chicken Fried Steak, Tex-Mex, and All Pies
Music: Diana Ross, 80's, Classic Rock

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Our Gratitude

We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to consider us to be a part of your story. We truly hope for the best for you in any decisions that you make and recognize the strength and courage it takes to even begin to consider embarking on this journey. We are sending all of our love and gratitude your way.

Matt and Joe

Information About the Adoption Process:

We are potential adoptive parents Matt and Joe from Chatham County, GA. We are eager to grow our family as we hope to adopt a baby and share our love with a child. We have been legally qualified to be adoptive parents and will provide additional details about ourselves upon request. We are home-study approved! We are hopeful, eager, and legally approved to adopt a baby anywhere in the United States, and we hope to hear from you! We are very excited by the prospect of building our family through adoption! Please feel free to pass along our information by sharing our adoption profile on your social media pages, or email your friends. ~ Thank you!

We may be reached through our adoption agency, Friends in Adoption and will gladly answer any questions that you may have for us.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption for your unborn baby (or if you are considering placing an already born child), please know that Friends in Adoption (FIA), is kind, caring, friendly, understanding, and ethical. They are a nonprofit organization offering free adoption information for pregnant women considering adoption, without ever putting any pressure on you to make a decision.

Should you decide on adoption, FIA will provide you with the choices you have in creating an adoption plan that fits YOU and your needs. FIA will offer you great resources such as free counseling and free legal assistance. They will also support you with medical and living expenses, as the law allows.

All inquiries are confidential.

Matt & Joe

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