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Burr, Beth, Phoebe, and Abby

“We have had the privilege of knowing Nicola and Jonathan for decades. As a couple, they have always exemplified love, commitment, and collaboration — they are a true team. When Sebastian arrived, they seamlessly translated these qualities to their roles as parents and created a loving family. It is a family where fun, joy, and curiosity are valued and encouraged. They work hard to provide Sebastian with amazing opportunities to learn about the world around him. Nicola and Jonathan are excellent parents and have created an amazing family filled with warmth, love, and joy!”

—Beth and Burr

“Hearing that Nicola and Jonathan are wanting to expand their family and adopt a child made our hearts skip a beat. Nicola and Jonathan are warm, intelligent, funny, and kind. They are a beautiful couple with a wonderful son, Sebastian. They are curious and compassionate and could author the book on how to nail the impression beyond the first: how to show others appreciation and kindness, how to truly listen, how to be bright and rich in experience while unassuming, down to earth, and joyful in life. We’ve gotten to know each other through our 5-year-old boys who are the best of friends, finishing each other’s sentences and frequently up to some eyebrow-raising, smile-inducing mischief. Nicola and Jonathan are generous and warmhearted. They are lovely people with huge hearts. We are grateful for the friendship we’ve built, and in the village that it takes to raise a child, we delight in them being a part of ours.”

—Senami and Paul

nicola jonathan sebastian adoption profile friends senami paul nyc
Senami and Paul
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Lucy, Sebby, and Ceci

“Nicola and Jonathan and their gorgeous son Sebastian are the kindest, most generous, and dependable people anyone would ever meet. We are neighbors in downtown Manhattan and have kids the same age (my son is also Sebastian, so we call our neighbor “Sebbie Next Door”!). They are intelligent, thoughtful, and measured people — but also super silly and funny when called for (which is pretty often with a 5-year-old audience). They are generous to a fault. When they came to stay at my Long Island home last year, for only 1 night, they brought enough gifts that it felt like Christmas! They have strong values and are very loving — I rely on them so much! In fact, we recently went through the Kindergarten application process, and my choice of school was influenced in no small way by their choice (we all start K together in the fall and are looking forward to walking to school together each morning). I cannot imagine NOT being in school and going through life with them. Family comes first for Nicola and Jonathan, and I am so lucky to consider them part of my ‘family you choose’!”


“We met Nicola and Jonathan right before both of our first kids were born and fell in love with their family at first sight. Their entire family are the most empathetic, loving, warm, hilarious, and wickedly smart crew. Being in their presence you’re immediately transported to a world with no boundaries and a love that is endless. Our children have become the best of friends and as parents that’s the play date we love most — for all of us 🙂 I could not imagine a better family for a child.”

—Vimla and Mark

nicola jonathan sebastian adoption profile friends mark vimla kids nyc
Mark, Vimla, Everest, and Paloma