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sq greetings sam jessica ben are looking to adopt a baby

Jessica, Sam, and Ben are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello, we are Jessica, Sam, and Ben in Upstate New York. Thank you for reading our adoption profile as you consider adoption as one of your options for you and your baby. We realize that you may be scared right now and unsure how to pick an adoptive family for your baby. If chosen, we promise to provide your child with love, opportunities, care, and support. We will help them develop new skills and relationships as they grow into an adult. Some of our friends have an open adoption and we have seen the joy adoption brings to their lives. Are you interested in talking with us? We would love to chat with you. We will support both you and your child.

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sq greetings isaac lauren harriet looking to adopt baby

Isaac, Lauren, and Harriet are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello from Colorado! We are Lauren, Isaac, and Harriet. We acknowledge that you are in the midst of making many difficult decisions and deciding on the right path for you and your child. These choices you are making are impossibly difficult, and our hearts go out to you during this time. We respect your bravery and respect your judgement in deciding what is right for your child. We have all of the love in the world for you and your child, and we support you and the decisions that you make. We believe that family is very special, and our family holds the most important place in our lives. Our home is full of laughter and love. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and to embrace into our family another child to laugh with, go on adventures with, and cuddle with at night while reading a bedtime book. Thank you for taking the time to look through our adoption agency profile and for getting to know us.

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sq greetings janna joel zeke looking to adopt baby

Janna, Joel, and Zeke are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hey! We’re Joel, Janna, and Zeke. Our family lives in Brooklyn, NY with our two Sphynx cats, Dracula and Gomez. We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. We have often talked about what motivates us to be parents. Our reasons are not unique but they are genuine. Simply put, we have a lot of love to give and want to expand our family. Our desire is to be unconditional with our love and raise each child to be their own person. This adoption agency profile is just a snapshot of who we are but we hope you can see a glimpse of our hearts and our spirit. Thank you for your consideration. In the meantime, we’ll continue to prepare the cats that another little human will be joining the fun.

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sq greetings cristobal brad looking to adopt baby

Cristobal and Brad are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello from New York City! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Our names are Cristobal and Brad and we are so excited that you have chosen to visit our page! We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us as a couple as you consider adoption as one of your options. We understand that you are making a very important decision right now, and we honor and respect all of your choices. We are a fun, happy, and silly couple who love to laugh and love each other even more. By exploring our adoption agency profile, we hope that you will have a perfect idea of who we are as individuals, and as a couple, and the type of parents we would be. We are thankful for your consideration and hope that you enjoy getting to know us!

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sq greetings alex adam looking to adopt baby

Alex and Adam are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello from Northern Rhode Island! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us, Alex and Adam. We know you have big decisions to make right now that likely require a lot of courage. We honor whatever choices you make and are grateful you are considering us as one possibility. We have been together for about nine years and have been married for three. We’re excited to begin this process of exploring adoption and have been talking about becoming parents for years. We are grounded in our community, including friends who have adopted, and would love to welcome a child into our lives. We know parenting is hard work, and we have a lot of love to give and a supportive community to be part of the village that raises a child. We hope our adoption website gives you some insight into who we are and what kind of parents we would be as you go through your own discernment process. Feel free to reach out!

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sq greetings parker joshua looking to adopt baby

Parker and Joshua are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello! We are Parker and Joshua from Plattsburgh, New York. Thank you for taking the time to review our adoption profile, and for allowing us to give you a glimpse into our every day life. We understand what courage comes from creating an adoption plan for your child, and commend you on exploring this option. Expanding our family, and becoming parents is something we have always dreamed about. We are excited to have the opportunity to provide a nurturing, loving, and supportive environment to a child. Please feel free to reach out to us, as we are eager to hear from you in regards to your adoption plan. Regardless of what you eventually choose, we wish you nothing but support and love during this journey.

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asq greetings claudia lyonel looking to adopt baby

Lyonel and Claudia are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello! We are Lyonel and Claudia from Long Island, NY; just 30 miles from New York City. We are very grateful that you have taken the time to read our adoption agency profile. We wish you the best of luck in your search and decision making. We can only imagine how difficult a time this must be for you. We will try to provide you with as much useful information as possible that may assist you in learning about us as potential parents. We hope to be given the opportunity to provide a child with a loving and supportive home where he/she may thrive.

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sq greetings heather dori looking to adopt baby

Heather and Dori are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hi there! Our names are Dori and Heather. We are writing to you from our home in Brooklyn, New York. We can only imagine what is going through your mind as you read through adoption profiles. Although we hope one day to meet you, our first priority is to honor your decisions and experiences throughout this process. We are sincerely grateful that you are taking this time to consider us. We have a lot of love to give to a child and, while we are waiting, we are sending that love to you on your journey. Thank you.

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17sq dexter paul justin jacquelyn adoption

Paul, Justin, and Jacquelyn are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello and greetings from Michigan! We would be honored to be considered as family for your child if you decide that adoption is the right path for you. We are a happy family who are excited to welcome a child into our lives! Thank you for getting to know us better by looking at our pages. We hope it allows you to get to know the caring, loving, and fun family we consider ourselves to be.

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bsq greetings mitchell felipe looking to adopt baby

Mitchell and Felipe are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Hello, and welcome to our adoption agency profile! We are Felipe and Mitchell, from Washington, DC. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our page and to learn about us. We can’t possibly imagine how difficult of a decision this may be for you and we are in awe of your strength during this time. We would be so honored for you to consider our family for your baby. We have a home filled with warmth and love and are so excited about the opportunity to expand on that by raising a baby.

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sq greetings christine chris ben looking to adopt baby

Christine, Chris, and Benjamin are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Thank you for taking the time to look at our adoption agency profile. We are Christine, Chris, and Benjamin, and we live in the Greater Rochester NY Area. We hope this profile gives you a sense of how grateful we would be to nurture and unconditionally love a baby if you choose to make an adoption plan with us. We would gladly welcome the opportunity to get to know you and share more about our family.

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sq greetings cindy tina looking to adopt baby

Cindy and Tina are Looking to Adopt a Baby

Greetings from Long Beach, New York! While this may be a difficult decision for you, we would like to thank you for having the courage to explore all of your options at such a turbulent time. We look forward to welcoming a baby into our loving home through adoption. We hope that our photos and story within this website provide a bit more understanding of us. While you create your own brave journey please know that we are honored by your consideration.

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