We are a Harlem couple hoping to adopt a child.

beach - winter photo
Enjoying the beach during our winter vacation

Greetings from NYC! We are so excited you are here!

We are Rob and Brian, and we are looking to adopt a baby. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about us, and for your courage in considering adoption as one of your options at this time. We know that this is a very important decision that you are making.

We are thrilled to take the next step in expanding our family. Since we met in 2008, we have always looked forward to parenting a child. We hope that by reading these pages you get a sense of the love, commitment, and care we will provide in our home, and see our community of family and friends that will be there to support us along the way!

We are thankful for your consideration and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about us and our journey in adoption.

— Rob & Brian

How to Reach Us

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We Are Working With
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We are a hopeful adoptive couple living in New York, NY.

We look forward to welcoming a baby into our lives from anywhere in the United States!

b rob brian adoption profile main cover provincetown
The two of us on our yearly vacation in Provincetown, MA

“We know this is just the beginning of our story; we could not be more excited about welcoming a child into our family.” —Rob and Brian

Meet our NY “framily”
Ready to welcome a newborn into our New York, NY “framily”!
Wicked - NYC
Attending the (re)opening night of Wicked on Broadway in New York, NY

At a Glance:
10 Things to Know About Us

  1. We met in Martinsburg WV in 2008, while performing in a musical at Brian’s hometown theatre.
  2. Rob is the Director of The Fine Arts in Harlem and has been in education for 18 years, teaching children all the way from Kindergarten through college!
  3. Brian works from home with his life coaching business and as an actor all across NYC.
  4. Rob grew up near Pittsburgh PA, and Brian grew up in Inwood, WV. Now we live in the West Harlem Neighborhood of NYC.
  5. Brian has 4 siblings and Rob is an only child, and together we have too many nieces/nephews/cousins to count and look forward to adopting a newborn to be part of the family.
  6. We travel often and two of our favorite destinations are Provincetown, MA and Fort Lauderdale, FL. We love to be at the beach!
  7. We love live theatre and one of our favorite things to do in New York, NY is seeing Broadway shows. We are so glad they have reopened!
  8. Our home is in Manhattan, in the West Harlem neighborhood. We have many parks near us and a vibrant community.
  9. We have a strong, core group of friends located in NYC and Stratford, Connecticut with kids of their own.
  10. This fact is reserved to talk about the child we hope to welcome into our lives, along with many more fun facts as a future family of three!

Our Story

“Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some happy, and some exciting.
But, if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter holds.”

Our story together began in the summer of 2008 when we were in a musical together at a local community theater in Martinsburg, WV. At the time, Rob was teaching music in an elementary school and Brian was a college student studying music and performance. It was clear from the first moment that there was a strong connection between us.

Many happy memories followed with date nights, hiking and traveling together, and having game nights with our friends and families. A lot of our time was spent studying together in those early years as Brian completed his undergraduate degree and Rob earned his Master’s.

As time went by, we knew we both wanted to experience living in the city. So, in 2013 we made the decision to move to New York. Since then, we have fallen in love with our city and the many friends we have made here. Both of us have been able to pursue our lifelong passions — Rob in education and Brian in performing.

In 2015 we got married on a rooftop overlooking the NYC skyline, with our family and friends surrounding us. Rob is now an administrator at a charter school in Harlem, and Brian has built a successful lifestyle coaching business in addition to working in film and television.

Though we both work hard, we always set aside time for one another. Whether it is cooking dinner, exercising, going for walks in the neighborhood, or singing around our piano, we make sure to make the most of our journey. Though we’ve been together for many years now, we know this is just the beginning of our story; we could not be more excited about welcoming a child into our family and our home as we move into the next chapter!

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What our Friends Have to Say About Us

“The child Brian and Rob adopt will grow up with no doubt that they are loved unconditionally. They will live a life full of adventure, music, art, travel, laughter, and love.”

—Fiona (long-time friend)

rob brian adoption profile fiona halloween stratford connecticut
Halloween shenanigans with best friend Fiona in Stratford, CT

Longtime friend Alicia
Alicia and Rob at our old home in Falling Waters, WV

“Rob and Brian have been a welcome part of my own sons’ lives as they’ve grown up, and both of my boys are proud to call them role models. My life has been so enriched by knowing these two amazing men. The child they adopt will benefit and thrive from their love and care.”

—Alicia (longtime friend)

“I am so excited to see Rob and Brian become parents, as I know they will pass along such important values such as self-worth, inclusivity, empathy, and kindness. Without a doubt, I know they will build a family on the foundation of unconditional love.”

—Alana (friend and teacher at Rob’s school)

Alana, Joey, and us
Alana and husband Jeff join the two of us and and friend Joey to march for women’s rights in NYC

Brian's friend Laura
Laura is one of Brian’s longest friends, here we are visiting her dinner theater in Hagerstown, MD

“Brian and Rob are both loving, loyal, responsible, hard working, trustworthy, and disciplined men. They both have upstanding character and are passionate in their beliefs and their care of others. They both have so much love to give to a child.”

—Laura (friend)

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